Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a big can of Ooops.

the Z-machine described previously (cudak1) had an accident after just 2 months of duty.
its flow meter, that little paddle wheel which sends signals to the controlling pcb logic of the Zalman, got stuck unobserved at night. the cooling system panicked and switched itself off instead of pumping even more coolant. if you wonder what could happen next.. do the words chernobyl & tsunami mean anything to you? Zalman apparently uses bad handling of emergencies, and badly designed, faulty flow meters. what a shame, a very nice box as I said. it should absolutely switch off and protect the computer not just itself, in emergency.

anyway, I won't spend time describing this accident. my doctor says it's bad for my blood pressure. a reconfigured system is running again. limping a bit but alive. I cleaned the !@#$&^% flow meter.

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